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  /  Margarida Ribeiro

Margarida Ribeiro

Margarida Ribeiro graduated from University of Lisbon in 2002 in International Affairs and then a Masters in European Studies. Margarida Ribeiro started working in a management consultancy firm and finished a Masters in Management. In 2006, Margarida started working in the Portuguese Council of Ministers, Knowledge Society Mission, as an expert in ICT public policies. 6 years later joined the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology and Higher Education, Research Council, as an external affairs expert dealing with EU programmes, Digital Agenda and inter-ministerial cooperation. In 2007, she started a PhD programme on public policies, developing a PhD on Science diplomacy.
In May 2014, Margarida Ribeiro is working in the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, Research Infrastructures Unit, developing the Research Infrastrutures´ long-sustainability strategy and working on the international outreach of the Pan-European Research Infrastrutures. Margarida Ribeiro is the EC contact point for EIROforum organisations and is part of the EC Executive Secretariat of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).